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The Ategra NearCloud allows your business to grow faster, at lower cost and with less risk.


Only Pay for what you use

By moving to the Ategra NearCloud, you are converting Capital Expenditure to Operating Expenditure. Because your infrastructure is in the Cloud you don’t have upgrade and maintenance costs and deployment is quick and simple with payment on a consumption basis. With the Cloud you are not paying for capabilities that you do not need.



Focus on your core business – not on IT

With your IT infrastructure being managed by the experts at Ategra Computer Technology, you can focus on your core business and not worry about the expertise, expense and maintenance that on premises IT requires.



Business Flexibility and Scalability gives you an edge over the competition

The Ategra NearCloud allows you to create new IT infrastructure on the fly as you need it. This means that you can respond quickly to market conditions, opportunities and change dynamically.  The Cloud can take the cost of deploying a new employee from many thousands of dollars to just hundreds of dollars and do it in minutes instead of days.



Become location independent

The Cloud also means increased flexibility for the physical location of working environments. This allows for the rapid set up of new locations or satellite offices and allows for more dynamic and progressive business approaches to employment which may have previously been limited by a fixed on-premise IT infrastructure.



NearCloud is local and so is your data

The Ategra NearCloud is housed at the Ategra Computer Technology in Northern Australia local.

You have peace of mind in knowing exactly where your data is located and that the systems that manage it are enterprise class with disaster recovery, redundancy and automatic failover features.





What is the Cloud? How do I move?



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